My story

I began my Yoga journey over 10 years ago.

I have been lucky enough to teach in India, New Zealand, Thailand, Bali, on the Inca Trail in Peru, in France, Barcelona, Ibiza, and Barbados. I have also been fortunate enough to study with Liz Lark, Judith Hanson Lasater, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Shiva Rae, Claire Missingham and Sianna Sherman. Right now, I am blessed to be continuing my studies with Suzanne Faith Slocum Gori.

While travelling is my absolute joy, I know that my dharma (my sacred purpose) has always been about empowering others, and about bringing people together through teaching yoga – wherever I happen to be in the world.

Many of my students have come to me having experienced some form of trauma, or from a place of discontent.  I feel that it is my dharma to point my students in the direction of the things that make them come alive.

I started Our Yoga Tribe to empower new teachers who can in turn empower new students. I have had around 20 of my yoga students go on to be yoga teachers and have many more with the same intention. Our Yoga Tribe enables me to bring together a vibrant team of Yoga and Pilates teachers to build a community (Tribe) right here in Colchester, which is focused around healthy wellbeing and mindfulness.

“Yoga enables me to see the divinity within all other beings, and sweetly detach from the things in life that are no longer serving in happy & healthy ways. All we should ever expect of ourselves is to make sure that we are always moving towards our truth. Truth will carry you through the toughest of times & life will always fall into place if it is with the pursuit of truth in mind.”

Meet Our Yoga Tribe

Some of Our Yoga Tribe are on adventures far and wide, find out more about what Our Yoga Tribe is bringing to the community, or read on to discover more about the crew, and where they are are on their yoga journey.

Joe Wade

When Joe started his yoga journey he was an experienced personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. His greater understanding of alignment from disciplines such as calisthenics and weightlifting combined with a deep understanding that being conscious in asanas provides a greater knowledge of neuromuscular activity – ‘mind muscle connection’ revealing that “It really does all go hand in hand”… new found active ranges of motion bring with it the necessity of strength training.

“I feel like there is a figurative grey area between mobility training and strength training that is rarely crossed from either party – I want to represent the bridge between the two. Yoga has provided me with a plethora of information that continues to guide me towards this goal. Alongside the physical benefits, yoga had encouraged me to practice mindfulness, which has genuinely improved the quality of my life. I have stopped looking externally for momentary fixes of happiness and started looking inward. This has led to a rejuvenation of my creative nature, which I consider to be my greatest calling. I plan to show my appreciation for all that yoga has provided me with by deepening my understanding and sharing that positive influence with others.”

Some of Our Yoga Tribe are on journeys far and wide – here’s who you might see throughout the year.


As is the case with many people who find themselves on the path of yoga, it was a gradual change of direction for Sam.  With a background in personal training and a much of her time spent at the gym or running, yoga really began as a way to ‘de-load’ from the week, stretch out the hamstrings, and ‘re-set’ the body ready for the next exercise session.

It wasn’t long however before the practice of yoga began to deliver more than the physical. Sam already had an holistic approach to personal training for her clients, but the exploration of yoga added a dimension to that training that felt much more relevant and important. While there wasn’t an exact moment of realisation, a leaning towards the spiritual and emotional became evident, a transformation that a regular yoga practice can bring.

After guidance from Faye, Sam explored the idea of Yoga Teacher Training, and

in March 2015, began her 200-hour YTT with Claire Missingham. Dynamic yoga, connecting movement, and music was the calling. All the pieces began to fall into place and she knew that this was the path for her. Since then Sam has completed her 300-hour YTT in India.

“Yoga for me is a gift that I have been fortunate enough to find, and now feel compelled to share.  It is sanctuary for when times are challenging, and a space to express gratitude and love when times are good. I love the sweet release of a dynamic sweaty practice, the natural high that occurs when you lift into a beautiful asana and the exhilaration felt when the rhythm of the breath is the biggest sound in the room. There is nothing like that feeling of coming together through a strong practice, grounding your feet into the earth, lifting your arms to the sky and opening your heart as the music takes you somewhere truly magical.

Yoga is magic as far as I am concerned and we all need a bit of sparkle in our lives!  It is there within all of us – and stepping onto a yoga mat is a great pathway to discovering that. Yoga is about acceptance and connection, real connection with your true self, and authentic soul-connections with others. Acceptance of who you are, and where you are right now – and that we are all a work in progress!”


2018 marks the 15th year of James’ involvement in the health, fitness, and well-being industry. Over the years he has been fortunate enough to have studied a wide array of movement modalities under some remarkable individuals, Pavel Tsatsouline, Steve Maxwell, Mark Cheng, and Christopher Sommer, to name a few.

James is currently a student of Steve Atlas, a Stretch Therapy workshop presenter, and is also the founder and principal trainer at Levo-Movement. Here he offers bespoke personal training services and classes that focus on the development of human wellness through the use of various disciplines of weighted and unweighted resistance practices, a myriad of stretching, movement, mobility modalities, and philosophy that aimed at instilling a love of movement without being locked into a singular way of moving.


My yoga journey began with one person and one person alone: my wife, Aly. An accomplish Yoga instructor in her own right, Aly was the person that planted the seed that would later grow into the multifaceted, diverse, and holistic approach that I take in both teaching and practicing yoga and movement. My perspective towards teaching, yoga, and movement, in general, was further refined through studying the Stretch Therapy System under its founder, Kit Laughlin, and its most senior instructor, Olivia Allnutt, and through my Ashtanga Yoga studies with Martin Thompson. Finally, my coach and mentor Steve Atlas, of the Atlas Movement solidified my belief in the use of a broad spectrum of physical culture practices and teaching methodology that is unique to each student.