Faye Shekhar





My yoga story

Yoga teaches us to shine the light of knowledge and awareness into all aspects of life, to find our balance and seek out truth.

I believe in honouring both the light and the dark sides of life, and through the teachings of yoga philosophy I invite students to recognise and honour every emotion and feeling, and how each of them should be allowed an equal expression and ability to play themselves out rather than resisting them.

The woven tapestry of my teaching, the asana, pranayama and meditations, the philosophy, intention, and deeply considered eclectic playlists in my classes have often lead students to experience profound change and therapeutic healing. I find great joy in empowering those who come to my class and assisting them to find their own dharma.  One of my greatest pleasures is witnessing students to go on to be Yoga/Pilates teachers themselves – 18 so far – and there are many more in my classes currently in training.

Alongside yoga, I teach pilates, and offer Thai Yoga Massage and Training. I am also a Kirtan Leader, and have recently started a Yoga Mentorship Programme to offer students a little  extra support as they embark on the journey of turning their passion in to heartfelt yet sustainable careers.

 I’d like to invite you to read more about my life as a travelling Yoga Teacher, which embraces both my passions, and about my great fortune to have trained with amazing teachers, and to have taught in incredible locations all over the world.

My students say

“My change of direction has come from your yoga classes, they provided me with a platform to express myself without worrying about judgement of other people and I can now see that transferring over to other aspects of life. So I really do mean it when I say thank you.”

Joe W

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I can’t even begin to imagine what my recovery would have been like without you in it.”

Laura W

“The time I have spent with you on retreat made me work harder on ‘me’ and focus on the power I have over my own life & choices.  So I can only thank you for that, you truly are an inspiration. ”

Lucy W

“I would never have reached this point in my life without you, because you are the one who has really shared what yoga is and how it can enrich lives.”

Sam W

“Meeting you has changed my life, the way I see things and how I live.  I am so in awe and eternally grateful for you.”

Lauren L