In class we take prananyama, meditation, and asana.

Prananyama breathwork to increase the flow of lifeforce within the body.

Meditation so that students can cultivate an awareness, and step into their power as creators, sending intentions forward into their future minutes hours and days; choosing thoughts, words and actions that will have a positive impact on their lives and the lives of all other beings collectively.

Asanas are the yoga postures. Physically poses cultivate strength mobility and flexibilit; physiologically poses improve circulation and energy flow to our vital organs; psychologically poses help us lead happier and healthier lives.

My personal yoga journey

Yoga has been and continues to be the most incredible unfolding journey for me, and although my path hasn’t always worked out as expected, Yoga has given me the tools to stay in the perfectness of where I am right now, and to honour my own uniqueness with all its strengths and flaws.

Yoga enables me to see the divinity within all other beings, and sweetly detach from the things in life that are no longer serving in happy & healthy ways. All we should ever expect of ourselves is to make sure that we are always moving towards our truth. Truth will carry you through the toughest of times & life will always fall into place if it is with the pursuit of truth in mind.”

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I started Our Yoga Tribe to empower new teachers who can in turn empower new students. If you want to join our vibrant team of Yoga and Pilates teachers right here in Colchester, get in touch!

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