Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is like a rhythmic dance between giver and receiver, an exchange of energy that leaves the receiver feeling freedom in their physical body.

If you are experiencing an energetic low, a Thai Yoga Massage could be just what you need to restore your vitality.

Studies have shown that the cells in our bodies expand when they feel love, and contract when they feel the opposite, and our ability to use our touch to transmit that energy to another is an innate gift that we all carry. As modern society moves further away from touch as a natural, integrated part of everyday life, many of us are left feeling starved of this essential lifeforce.

Give yourself the energetic boost you need, book a Thai Yoga Massage with me – sessions from just £55.

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Learn Thai Yoga Massage

Learn everything you need to be able to perform an effective 1-1.5hr Thai Massage on a 5 day Thai Yoga Massage Training course.

  • Thai Yoga Massage Training
  • Thai Yoga Massage Level I
  • Certified by ITM Chiangmai Thailand

Students will learn full front position, the energy (sen) lines, stretches, acupressure points & proper use of weight using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees & feet.

This course also emphasises deep abdominal (hara) work.

Classes are held on a Saturday from 11am to 5pm and on a Sunday from 10am to 4pm. For information about upcoming course dates, please get in touch.

Yoga Teachers… Learning Thai Yoga Massage will add a new dimension to your existing skills and increase session retention!

How many times do you lose money through students cancelling their one to one sessions because they are just simply not feeling up to it?

I found that once I trained as a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner my retention of sessions dramatically increased because I had the option of offering my students Thai Yoga Massage instead of a Yoga/Pilates session.

If you are ready to expand your skills, get in touch for information about upcoming training days, or check out the events page.

Once qualified, you’ll be given the opportunity to be listed as a practitioner and take bookings via Our Yoga Tribe!

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