Strengthen your core muscles and enhance your posture with Pilates.

Pilates is a slow, controlled form of exercise designed to tap into the deeper muscle tissues in the body that help support the spine, and gently pull the stomach and pelvic floor muscles in and up.

The exercises can help to improve suppleness and flexibility and is particularly beneficial to those overcoming back, knee and hip problems. Pilates can be taken up by anyone mobility, fitness and age is immaterial.

Do you feel it’s time to align your body with your mind and soul? Book a one-to-one Pilates session, or create a booking for you and a small group of friends.

Try Pilates for yourself

In one-to-one or small group sessions, you’ll enjoy a workout that is custom-made just for you or you and a friend, or friends. Sessions include matwork and small equipment; specialist one-to-one bookings can include or be reformer based.

Why Pilates?

Correct alignment, mobility and flexibility in the body can lead to a happy and healthy life.

Fitness experts and medical practitioners know this, which is why you’ll see pilates and yoga as part of regular training programmes, and why your GP may suggest pilates to aid recovery after injury, maintain better posture, and to resolve pain caused by bad posture in the working environment.

How your job could be affecting your health

Over-tightening and over-lengthening of muscles creates imbalance and instability to our bodies. Heavy workloads bring on high levels of stress, and a round-shouldered, closed chest position we often adopt at work restricts the depth and the width of our vital energy source – our breath.

Maintained on a regular basis Pilates can help:

Realign soft tissue structures

Reduce the effort it takes to maintain a good posture throughout daily activities

Heighten your own body awareness

Develop better range of motion and freedom of movement

Become less prone to injury

Reduce stress and physical/mental tension

Find relief from back pain, sport injuries and other chronic health problems

Improve muscle strength and tone without muscle bulk

Increase energy and circulation

Improve sense of well being

Increase neuromuscular coordination – helping opposing muscle groups to work in a more synergistic fashion

Back care clinic, one-on-one

Throughout this special course you are provided with the knowledge & tools of how to take care of your back.

You will be given exercises to incorporate into your life to create better mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength – techniques which will cultivate balance in your body again.

The Lower Back is the centre of our body, the place from which we feel support. This course is for those with chronic yet still functional back conditions. It will help improve existing conditions and prevent further issues.

Try Pilates for yourself