The Enlightenment of Purusha & Prakriti Meditation Course – Oct 19

A six week meditation course at Same Star Yoga Studio – taking your practice beyond asana.

meditation course in Dedham - Faye Shekhar at same star yoga

The aim of this course ~
Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back and choose the path to wisdom
~ Buddha

Geared towards Yoga teachers, Yoga teacher trainees and those looking to go a little deeper than just asana practice.

We all know the physical benefits of asana, however when embarking on a yoga practice often we miss out on other valuable aspects of a complete yoga practice.

Throughout this course we aim to understand how Prakriti (the three essential aspects of nature); The Gunas are moving through us and what practices we can take to ensure a sense of wellbeing and equanimity of the soul self (Purusha)

6 Hours Over 6 Classes 
Same Star Yoga
8pm – 9pm
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or contact me on 07811 112 096

In this course for just £15 each session you will be provided with take home practices of
* hindu philosophy,
* pranayama/kriyas
* meditation
* mantra &
* journaling exercises
to use as spiritual doorways to cultivating balance and stability in your life.


  • 10th October
  • 17th October
  • 24th October
  • 31st October
  • 07th November
  • 14th November

Location: 3 Dedham Vale Business Centre, Manningtree Road, Dedham, CO7 6BL

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